Speedy 4
Wood Oven Pizza Speedy 4 Alforno

The newest addition to our range has just arrived direct from Italy.
This unit is smaller and lighter (220kg, Trolley 35kg) while maintaining the same features and characteristics of a traditional wood fired oven. It quickly reaches cooking temperatures so that the first pizza can be cooked within 30 minutes of lighting the oven.
The oven dome is made in prefabricated refractory material ( firebrick) thus allowing great heat retention for bread baking and larger roasts.

The frame and metal surround are galvanised and powder coated.
Perfect for small courtyards or people that rent.

Cooking Information

Pizzas at a time


800mm wide x 600mm deep

1000mm wide x 850mm deep

(220kg, Trolley 35kg)

Al Forno Speedy Oven Drawing 2019