Lira 80

Long before you start enjoying fabulous meals, you’ll appreciate Al Forno’s clever modular design, freeing you from the expense, danger, and worry of having to crane fully built wood ovens into your house. Even very small areas with limited or difficult access can be considered.

Cooking Information

Pizzas at a time
2 – 3

Pizzas an hour
45 – 50

Cooking Time for a Pizza
2 -3 Minutes


700mm x 800mm

700mm x 800mm

400 kg

The Lira 80 ( 800mm internal diameter) is a beautiful, traditional styled wood fired oven Kit that comes complete with installation kit and stainless steel flue, cap and door.

It is constructed to the correct geometry enabling the right airflow that is required to ensure an efficient running wood oven system.

The Lira 80 has been designed for easy installation and is constructed of the highest quality refractory materials,making it an incredibly durable and remarkable performing wood fired oven.

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