Cooking Systems

Al-Forno-0614Since ancient times the wood-burning oven has been used to bake bread and other foods. Its origin is lost in time but leads us back to the origin of bread.

The only way to bake it was by means of a wood-burning oven.

As well as bread, other foods can be cooked such as, in first place pizza followed by roast meats, pastries and cakes. The wood-burning oven provides the food with a cooking and above all with a wholesome flavour that cannot be achieved with other types of cooking.

How the real wood-burning oven works

There are two cooking systems available using the same wood-burning oven:

The PIZZERIA system. With a hot oven and open oven door, you leave a little burning wood on one side of the oven. On the other side you cook the pizza, foccacia, bruschetta etc. directly on the oven?s cooking surface.

The PANIFICIO system. You heat the oven to the desired temperature, burning all the wood inside. You put the food that is to be cooked in the oven, close the door and wait until it is cooked.
With this system you can cook roast meats and fish, bread, whole roasted pig and pastries.